Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Food Notes

For our 1st anniversary dinner in July, we went to Glebe Point Diner. It was so hard to get a reservation, we ended up having a belated dinner celebration in the middle of the week just to get a table. And we had to get there by 6.30 pm and leave by 8 to boot.

After reading lots of wow reviews, I was full of anticipation and obviously, expectations were running a little high. I oscillated between the roast pork and the duck for my main although making the choice for entree was easier. But somehow, I managed to discard both choices and went with their special, the roast chicken. This turned out to be a royal mistake as the chicken was not cooked through and despite our speaking to the waitress about it, she attempted to explain it away as being "organic". The major part of the dish was cooked but was not bursting with the flavours I had come to expect from the reviews. The entrees saved the night though and we thoroughly enjoyed G's salmon tartare with roe and my salt and pepper squid. G's main course of fish, also was a good choice. 2 ladies seated at the next table were eyeballing our entrees so indiscreetly and when they asked if they were good, G so kindly offered them a taste! And they accepted!! This would never happen in good old Singers.

For the amount we (or rather G) had to shell out for this dinner, I don't think we will be coming back, as the disappointment with my main course was too overwhelming.

Oh and we mustn't forget our celebrity sighting at the restaurant - Leo Sayer came in halfway through our dinner with his big hair and in his trackies and addidas. He was a smallish man and was accompanied by an orange-coloured (fake tan or sunbed probably) lady. And we spent 10 minutes trying to recall what his hit song that he was famous for, was. For trivia lovers, it was "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing." For a 61 year-old, he certainly looked quite (naturally we thought) good.

A cafe that made it to our list was the "lesbian cafe" as G calls it, also in Glebe. We were tired out from wandering around Glebe that weekend following our mid-week Glebe Point Diner dinner where I decided there were several other interesting cafes that needed checking out.

This cafe served a really delicious and warming chai.

We also liked the light and shadow effect the wooden blinds created as we played with the camera whilst waiting for the pot of tea and the cannoli to arrive. I thought the photo had that sort of magazine effect.

On the home front, we decided to have a steamed fish Chinese-style that weekend and got a nice NZ cod from Paddy's Market and had it with greens and rice. It's been a while since we cooked fish any other way but grill, and it made a very pleasant change. The fish turned out very tasty although I need to get some better steaming apparatus. And since we were doing it Chinese style, obviously we had to go the whole hog and eat out of bowls, with chopsticks and Chinese spoons. What else could we do??

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