Thursday, October 09, 2008

Making Money In This Chaos

The last 7 days have been a period of intense how-low-can-you-go for the stock and currency markets. With a vested interest in how the A$ is trending against the S$, I log in every morning and track the spikes and dips, hour by hour.

It's amazing how much it's dropped since June, when we went to Singapore for our holiday. At that time, we got an exchange rate of A$1 to S$1.29, making shopping and eating out a really attractive deal. Today, A$1 got you S$0.98 at one point. This is a mere 3.5 months later. In the past, it would have taken months if not years to get to such a large variance. As such, even as I see my investment drop 10% over exactly a week today, I am not that worried, because I know it will swing up again, and soon. Just waiting and monitoring, for the right moment.

Then again, with the sentiments of fear and uncertainty, with people worrying about their jobs and mortgages, and how safe their deposits in their banks are, and with every other large brand name financial institution in the US facing strife, who can predict with any degree of confidence how the market is going to look in a week. So perhaps ask me again in a month if I've started to panic.



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