Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off The List - Bills

G and I thought that after the long, hard work week we have had, we would have a nice dinner tonight. And we figured we would go to Bills, (I've had weekend brunch once there about 2 years ago) to check out this well-known restaurant for dinner. That brunch was above average but pricey, I did not recall being blown away, but the constant crowds waiting outside on the weekends seem to have a different opinion. Or perhaps, like us, they just want to check out the place and see it for themselves.

In any case, dinner tonight was not the enjoyable, relaxing experience we were hoping for. The noise level was so high, it was probably about that of a bar on a Saturday night. We had to shout across our table (and everyone else at the neighbouring tables had the same idea so the din was just deafening) and even then, I could hardly hear myself. Every clink and clank coming out from the kitchen was amplified in the surroundings. Conversation was difficult, service was not friendly and the food was average with my main course cold. With its reputation (what with the celebrity chef/cook book writer) and the prices charged, we had expected more.

When we escaped from the restaurant, the relative tranquility and silence of the street was palpable and rather ironic, considering that it's the busy Crown Street on a Friday night, but what a relief from that aural assault.

And so, Bills is off the List.



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