Sunday, September 21, 2008


The last few weeks of yoga have been as follows:-

Week 1: Sick. No yoga.
Week 2: Auckland. No yoga.
Week 3: Back to yoga, ached for exactly 7 days which is unusual but probably expected in light of the 2 week lapse.
Week 4: Decided to skip regular Saturday morning power yoga which turned out to be a good idea as G's friend, Kylie rang up at short notice for brekkie with her baby in tow. Missed the afternoon class and had the first swim of the season instead which was really refreshing. Ended up going to Sunday vinyasa class instead.

And what a workout I got at today's vinyasa class with Andrew. It was my first time in his class and it wasn't a fast-paced class but holding those poses for durations longer than I thought humanly (my definition of what I humanly could do) possible, really got the chi (or qi) going very quickly. The internal fire was burning strong, finger tips were engaged and the flow was coursing through my limbs. The feeling of the chi flowing through was a physical sensation. Holding oneself in a particular position for an extended period of time required inner core strength and also a degree of mental strength, to overcome the physical strain and pain one feels.

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Next goal: to be able to do the Crow. And that I know is going to be not just overcoming the physical aspect which is just building up my arm and inner core strength, but the mental part which is the bigger challenge.

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