Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flower Power

Spring is in the air. These really colourful flowers which looked like poppies, carnations and a cross-breed chrysanthemum were really beautiful.

I had little vases of them around the house when we had Alex and Pete over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Dinner consisted of little chive dumplings and siew mais for entrees (bought from our fave Thai supermarket), the main course was Malaysian fish curry with basmati rice with raisins, and a dish of stir-fried tang-oh. For dessert, we had some taro and water chestnut cream Thai confectionary in aromatic cases made of pandan leaves. It was a success and didn't tax us too much because we had combined store-bought and home-cooked dishes, all the food were personally tested by us in the past.

We had brekkie on the balcony that weekend and the flowers added a nice touch to our breakfast table, even if it's for our personal pleasure. A small gesture, but a a lovely addition to starting the weekend on a pretty note.

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