Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open House

Currently nursing the cold that I was anticipated to have (courtesy of G, and his heavy-duty 4-day-lie-in-bed bout), we decided to stay close in the neighbourhood today after finally getting up at 10.45 am. On our way to brunch, we chanced upon the (in)famous "Top of the Class" brothel (3 brothel lots consolidated, a house for the working girls and an empty lot in all) up for inspection. The owner must be getting out of the oldest business and selling everything lock, stock and barrel. Seeing as there was a very slim chance of us (me, at least) ever setting foot into a brothel, we decided to inspect the premises.

What an eye-opener. There was little cubby-hole sized rooms, and also bigger rooms with 2 double beds for orgy-type parties no doubt, with ensuite spas and the di rigeur red PVC high-back chair with footholds (we spotted that in a few of the bigger rooms). There was also a pole in the middle of a big room, with Asian-looking statues. The beds were all covered in PVC (probably easier to wipe down!) and we made very sure not to touch anything! The nice real estate lady (English matron and not working girl type) informed us that there wasn't anyone working there at this time, but in one of the ensuite bathrooms we saw the back of a girl, with long black hair cascading down her back, in a dress so short, her bum was almost visible, washing her hands at the sink. We beat a hasty retreat.

I was tempted to take some pictures of the premises for the blog (for wider educational purposes) and I did have my camera with me, but G thought it wasn't appropriate.

This was certainly a very different house inspection to the others we normally go to on Saturdays. Yet another interesting activity that we get up to in Sydney...

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