Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sweet Potato Scones

In the end, I decided to stick to a scone recipe and made sweet potato scones. The sweet potato mash was sweet in itself and so I stuck to the 2 teaspoon sugar per the sweet potato scone recipe, even though the recipe for regular scones called for half a cup of sugar. When done, the scones weren't sweet, it was almost a savoury scone.

It brings to mind when I made curry puffs the last time, the filling tasted spicy enough but when wrapped in pastry and baked, it wasn't spicy in the least. It was even a little bland. So same theory applies from spicy to sweet I guess. I should have guessed the 2 teaspoons of sugar were just not going to be enough to make a difference. But I guess with jam, it will taste just right, not overly sweet. And this just about kickstarts my scone-making horizon. I'm going to try different varieties next weekend, and maybe even host a Devonshire Tea soon.

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