Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Flavour/ Shape Test: Epic Fail

This was going to be the new flavour testing and other R&D. The applesauce was easily made last night and the cinnamon smells were heavenly. We were off to a good start, or so I thought. Today, I was going to make applesauce steamed cakes. I was also going to try out cupcake moulds instead of my usual loaf pan to research into steaming time, popularity of different shapes and how many of each type a standard batch can yield.

All right then. Test results are out. This didn't take very long at all.

The plus side is they cooked in no time and the cakes popped out clean and easy. No sticking to the moulds, I didn't even need to use parchment paper like I would for loaves.

Now for the down side - what on earth are those misshapen grey lumps? They look like the most unappealling thing to be had with a nice pot of Earl Grey tea. Taste-wise, they were like eating a lump of damp dough, the bamboo steamer did give it its own aroma, I have to admit although the wonderful cinnamon fragrance is now lost. The cake is sitting in my tummy like a stone.

This test is an epic fail.

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