Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not Valentine Day's Dinner

This Valentine's Day, G is still in Sydney, spending his last few days there, tying up loose ends and saying good bye to all his friends, while I am in Singapore, stuffing my face full of pineapple tarts and other CNY goodies. VD is not really a big thing here this year as it is over-shadowed by CNY.
So on VD which happens to be day 1 of the CNY and most restaurants are closed for business, I ended up at Waraku, a Japanese restaurant with my youngest sister and her husband. I had a cold soba noodle, with a delicious sesame dipping sauce. It was light and refreshing after all the CNY goodies I have stuffed myself with.
Definitely going on the healthy-eating regime when G arrives - whether by choice or not!

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