Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Singapore - A City For Many Things

Singapore is growing as a City of the Arts. I was surprised to find a section of the Berlin Wall with the mural by a graffiti artist called "Kings of Freedom" in the Bedok Reservoir.
I think that was my first time in the Bedok Reservoir despite living in the east and I've been to the MacRitchie reservoir and the Lower (or is it Upper) Pierce reservoir which are far, far away from the east. I thought the significance of the duo very interesting. The King on the right is blindfolded, blind to the sufferings of his people. I forget about the King of Freedom on the left.
As a City for Foodies, Singapore is a good place to be. Prices are very reasonable, there is lots of varieties but the standards vary too. I had a 3-course set meal at Friends@Jelita and the salmon mains was the star of the meal. It was nicely seared, I liked the caramelised shredded coconut on the top although I found it a tad sweet, even with my sweet tooth. It could do with more asparagus and mash potato too. The grilled squid on squash appetiser was average while the choc truffle cake was below par. It had a musty chocolate smell, like old chocolate and I only ate 1 of the 2 tiny cubes they served up.
Art and food are my twin passions. I think I will be spoilt for choice here.

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