Sunday, June 13, 2010

Armchair Refurbishment - In Progress

We zipped down to Ikea on Saturday to get some fabric for the cushion covers that we were getting made. I had my eye on the grey one on the left when I saw it on my last trip and picked that for my choice. It's like an abstract botanica sort of print. As G and I agreed that we would each have our pick for 1 chair, I then tried to influence his selection. In fact, I tried to wrangle for both selections using my birthday as a leverage seeing that it was his gift to me.

Unfortunately for me, even though the fabrics were his birthday present to me, he could not be influenced and selected a greyish-blue fabric with Japanese comic illustrations of Godzilla and some Japanese girl. He thought the graphics were so wonderful, especially from his "designer" point of view. Fortunately for me, the fabric was out of stock! Either that meant it was so popular that it ran out or so unpopular, they didn't bother to re-order. G left his contact for when the new stock comes in. In the meantime, he picked one of the fabrics I had pushed for, this one that reminded me of Maori prints, another abstract one. He picked one metre in the beige background and another in the black background so that both covers would be a positive and negative of the other. I thought that was a pretty cool idea.

So even though the two chair covers aren't a matching pair, they would be complementary to each other and I can't wait for the end result.

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