Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Mustard Surprise

As I obsess over vintage bags, and debate which "new" old bag I should be buying off Etsy, ran straw polls on Facebook, a surprise was awaiting me. Things have a way of working itself out. I should have known this, seeing as I have first hand experience of many dramatic situations working themselves out. And an obsession over a few vintage bags barely even qualifies. But anyway...

I stipulated to my work mates, no farewell parties and no pressies. After all this would be only the third time I am leaving the company! People are already demanding their money back as I keep joking. But I guess my stipulation came a little late or they chose to ignore me. But they picked this gorgeous mustard coloured soft calf skin handbag that I absolutely love. I was already hankering after that colour when a colleague bought a book bag in that colour. But I didn't want a book bag. And this one is the same shade but in a gorgeous style. I love love love it.

So that puts my vintage handbag obsession to rest for a little while now. Until I get that urge again, then who knows.


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