Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage Shopping

I love old things. Some people call them junk. Some people turn their noses up at them because they aren't brand new. Some people wonder where the branded label is. I don't care what these people think, I just love vintage stuff.

My shopping preferences have continuously veered towards trawling weekend markets for unique stuff and thrift shops for treasures. Holding an unexpected find, in the midst of dusty racks of clothes and bags, or turning over an interesting bit of pottery and finding a special potter's mark - all priceless experiences. I've had the fortune of having those experiences and love the thrill of the find, the search that goes before the find.

Now that I've left Sydney, where my flea market shopping can be indulged to the maximum, I've turned to the virtual flea market online to feed my passion and it's grown to be a bit of an obsession. I've spent hours trawling the various shops, the next best thing to being physically present and turning a cup around in my hands, feeling the fabric, opening bags up and looking into them, trying jackets on and looking at myself in the mirror... But the virtual vintage shopping experience has been great. It's yielded many items which I covet. In addition to the jadeite brooch and a ring that I've bought and eagerly and patiently waiting the arrival of, I've been debating which of the vintage bags I should buy. There are 3 or 4 that I have been thinking about, but I have been in love with this carpet bag as soon as I've set eyes on it. After mulling about it for 3 days, I decided I had better get it before some other discerning vintage lover beats me to it and then I would have to live with regrets.

So now I just have to sit back and wait for my purchases to arrive. And try to control my vintage shopping and not let the obsession grow too large, especially when online shopping is so convenient and I have been paying for my purchases with PayPal, in support of the new job that I start in 4 days' time!

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