Friday, July 02, 2010

A Disappointment - Resolved

I had been patiently waiting for my Etsy goodies for almost a month. A ring with greeny-blue stone, a jadeite vintage brooch and a later purchase, a 1960s carpet bag.

The jewellery arrived first, almost 3 weeks after I've bought them.

Lo and behold when I tore open the package, the ring which was in a jewellery box, was broken. The box was heavy-duty and would have protected the ring quite well. It looked to me to be either broken before being packed, or it might have been wedged against the lid of the box and it snapped it off when it was closed or pressed on. Anyway I emailed the seller and she was really quick to reply and refund my purchase price back to my Paypal account. As she had been on vacation, that purchase had been packed by her daughter, whom she thinks was to blame for the poor packing.

I am a little disappointed of course, but happy that my jadeite brooch is intact and that is the better purchase actually. And am happy that the seller was so prompt to take responsibility and refund me. I love Etsy.

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