Sunday, July 31, 2011

John's Wabi-Sabi Sake Cup

I count myself lucky to have some really talented and generous friends.

This Japanese sake cup was made by my very talented friend, John Freeland of Freeland Gallery in Sydney. John is an authority on ceramics, an academic and author and now a potter as well, having finally turned his theoretical expertise into the practical aspects of potting as well. And in his generous nature, he gifted this to me, knowing very well the types of colours I am fond of in pottery.

I love the shape of this cup, the glaze and the beautiful colours. I love how the imperfect mouth of the cup and the slight tilt of its body make it so perfectly wabi-sabi although John shushes me every time I describe anything as "wabi-sabi".

I don't drink sake but I drink lots of Chinese and Japanese tea. I plan to be using this cup a lot to enjoy drinking my tea in "melancholic serenity" and with a "spiritual longing" in true wabi-sabi fashion.

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