Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm Done

Stress levels have been high the last 3 weeks. Uni assignments were falling due in the same 7-day period. Bad planning of choice of essays or plain bad luck? I haven't been this fatigued nor stressed over school for a long time, probably the first time in the last 1 year since I've started the course. And this is the final leg. Another 2 months, I am counting down the days literally. Probably with full term courses, internship hours and office work, all that is just a little too much for one person. With very little personal time left to recuperate or just chill, it feels like an endless churn of one thing to another. Physically and mentally worn out, even unbroken hours of sleep don't seem to heal one's tired out body and soul. That takes an emotional toil as well.

But I see some reprieve as I finish the last of my paper. I am over it and not about to revise or review it. Too tired, too brain dead, too many better things to do.

Like sleep. A restful, soul-healing sleep.

Oh and the pumpkin? Just a cheerful picture to end the post - hope springs eternal after all, with new life, growth, sunshine and all that jazz. And all I can do is hope.


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