Saturday, March 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

Art I Bought And Art I Want

I bought this pair of ceramic sculptures entitled "Windows 2" by Anna Choi, a Chinese Australian ceramicist who fled to Australia after the Tiananmen Incident in 1989. She is extremely talented and her works are so diverse. These caught my eye for their simple but Zen qualities. There is a sense of spirituality in them. I just love them. There is another pair of "Windows" which are dark , and I have to have those too.

This fragile looking flower with a bronze patina glaze is by Gudrun Klix, a German-Australian ceramicist. They are finger-pressed, moulded and have this feathery quality about them even though they are ceramic pieces. I have been looking at this piece for the last 2 weeks and I think I will get it before the exhibition closes.

Dinner At Chinta Ria

Dinner tonight was big by my standards over the last 3 weeks when all I could manage was 3 small little vegetable buns. Stress does this to me, I lose my appetite, at times I feel nauseated when I smell food. I've lost 2 kgs and 1 inch off my waistline. But tonight at Chinta Ria (Temple of Love, the translation says), we had Indian Mee Goreng (although my favourite at Cafe Societe in KL, the infamous venue where Anwar was arrested for charges of sodomy, is still better) and Fried Beef Kway Teow (as good as the one at the Seasports Centre at the winding road near the airport hangars near the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal), both excellent. And the loh-bak starter was delicious. All by my very high Asian standard, not the Ang Moh standard either. This fat, smiling buddha greets customers at the entrance, with offerings of incense and pineapples no less. Chinta Ria looks like a expensive, chi-chi joint, but really the prices were pretty reasonable. I know where I'll be going when I get a craving for Fried Beef Kway Teow the next time!


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