Sunday, April 22, 2007

Musings On A Sunday Night

Bolts of lightning lights up the sky, rain lashing down. I'm sitting in the shoebox, safe and warm, with the sounds of the rolling thunder reverberating around me. No tv tonight although that was within my original plan, Sunday nights always have good programs and I have been looking forward to succumbing to some tv distraction after the 5 months of being consciously without. Instead, that plan is to be slightly postponed. In the meantime, it's back to the internet. There is also an essay beckoning, but since it's not due for a couple of weeks, I guess I'm not antsy enough to get to it - maybe later.

Another Sunday night, this one so far better than the one last week. A week doesn't seem very long after all, as the days fade into one another. I lose track of when things happen, even as I count them in days or weeks. What I do know is there is another 6 weeks to the end of uni, end of this Masters course that I've come all the way here to do. If the original plan was stuck to, I would be soon packing up, everything I own here, and the life that is mine for the last 1.5 years into bags and boxes, and shipping them all back home. However, plans so carefully made, are seldom carried out. I am going to be here a little while more...



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