Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Fine Autumn's Day

Limited sunshine hours cannot be wasted. That is the Autumn mantra personally for me, especially on weekends. So I started out at 10 am, on my way to main art gallery, but got sidetracked at the famous St. Mary's Cathedral. I realised I've never been inside. Although a self-professed agnostic and not at all religious, I have always enjoyed the cool, dark sanctuary feel of a church. So I ambled inside and sat at a pew at the back, the scattering of people inside, were all engrossed in their own thoughts and prayers. I too, had a conversation with the Supreme One, in the light of all the uncertainties in my life, a little help from my Friends would not hurt.

After that spiritual pitstop, I arrived at the "Art Express" exhibition I wanted to see. These are high school students' prize-winning works which were exhibited in an annual exhibition at AGNSW. The works were quite impressive. I found that many had concepts behind the works that seem pretty mature for high school students.

I walked through Hyde Park on the way back and decided to sit and read for a bit on the grass near where the group of band players were playing. I soon realised the band players were part of a demonstration against Communism in China. Rousing Oriental-sounding melodies were soon being churned out.

More distraction on the way home as I stopped in at the David Jones' Food Hall and got sidetracked into a Masala chicken sample. Mmmm, yummy, so bought a bottle of gourmet paste to reproduce the same at home. At A$16.50 for a small bottle this had better be good. And finally yet another pitstop for a coffee and an apple danish. All in, a good Autumn's day and it was just the morning gone. I had another afternoon worth of activities in front of me, after all, I am trying to get my sunshine's worth.

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