Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The One-Week Mark

Today I woke up congratulating myself on surviving the first week of eradicating toxicity from my life. I still feel strong about the decision, in fact I can feel myself getting physically stronger with each passing day. My friends give me encouragement via email, the phone, IM, face to face - all modes, I count myself lucky to have these friends. I encourage myself by having little talks with myself as I walk home, and come back and add on to my list of "I did the right thing because". Every little bit helps and then one day, you don't need the little gestures anymore. Because it no longer matters.

The rain which has been ongoing for the last 30 hours, looks like it's clearing as well. It seems to be a lot brighter as well now that the clouds have passed through.

After the storm, everything would be better.



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