Friday, May 04, 2007

Craving For Cold Food

This evening I had a craving for cold food when I was at the supermarket, forgetting my boring Friday night with some grocery retail therapy. I walked past the frozen section and a frozen apple pie called out to me, "Oh yes, you want an apple pie uhuh..." and then twin tubs of banana-and-honey yoghurt, mmm an interesting combination - seeing how I like bananas in everything except bananas. Cheese was on sale, so even though I have that bell-pepper cheddar from Tilba which I have yet to sink my teeth into, I had to get the cheese slices. Then I thought I would probably have a simple dinner tonight - hotdog! So the Turkish pide rolls and a tub of seafood salad to fill up the bread as well went into the basket. Despite it being 22C, tonight feels really warm, perhaps that's why my body was lulled into craving for cold food tonight.

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