Sunday, April 29, 2007

Gone Shopping

Didn't get much done by way of writing chapter 2 of my research paper before I ventured out into the sunshine this afternoon. Dressed in my t-shirt, denim skirt and thongs, feeling particularly unglamorous as I was lugging my 3 bags of marketing, I contemplated whether I should drop in at the sales office of this new apartment block that is being built in the heart of the city. Have been reviewing it online and have seen the location, but was a little wary about sauntering in, in my get-up. But as usual, that doubt blows over in a bit, self-confidence takes over. So in I go, lugging my bags of veggies, fruit and canned food.

The sales person was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was really tempted by one of the units on the 13th floor. It is a one-bedder with a small winter balcony of 3 sq m. The internal space is 54 sq m. A good amount of space for a one-bedder. Rental potential is good, if I decide to let it out instead of living in it, seeing as it would be completed in April 2008. Deducting strata levies, managing agent's commission and other foreseeable expenses, the rate of return is about 6%, what I would get for leaving my money in the bank and taking no risk and having no hassles. Of course with a property, there is always the opportunity for capital gains and at the end of the day, one has a piece of real estate as well. I do like the location, the size but without a show unit, it's kinda hard to visualise how the finished apartment would look like. Need to do some more thinking before I part with A$400,000!



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