Thursday, May 03, 2007

One Of My Best Moments

In December 2006, I walked into a lovely ceramics gallery by chance. The zen and tranquil feel of the gallery was soothing and comforting. Then I met the 2 people who work there and they are equally welcoming and J, the owner is one of the kindest, nicest people I've known in my life. It is one of the best moments I've had in my year of living here, when I walked into that gallery and met J and M. And so I started my association with them, working 3 days then 2 days a week as an intern. Learning lots about ceramics and life.
And even though I complain that I have so little time to do my own thing because of uni, work and internship, the best part was internship even though it was the thing that didn't pay.

Today is my last day at the gallery as an intern. But I know it is not the end of the association with the gallery, J and M. I will be back, frequently I promise J and he knows it. He hasn't seen the last of me yet.

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