Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today, Yesterday And Tonight

Oh glorious sunshine, the first sunny day in ... oh I really don't remember how long. The last few days of non-stop rain had been dreary. But today, in the burst of beautiful sunshine, I've moved my laptop out on the balcony (now why didn't I try this earlier??) and am lapping up the sun's rays while I work (in between emailing, blogging and other distractions on the Net of course). Solar therapy is always good. Especially when the weather is predicted to be rainy the next few days (starting from this evening) again.
Yesterday was ANZAC Day. I celebrated with a day out to see my friend, F who lives some way out in the suburbs. Haven't seen her in 7 weeks, and last she saw me, I was in a terrible state. She confessed that she thought I looked 5 years older, stressed and generally down in spirits. And I look so much better now. I feel much better now too, I tell her. The weight loss from stress can be taken as a plus! We had a nice Persian meal as always, drank copious cups of tea, munching on the chocolate cupcakes I had made and then had the de rigeur "lie down" after lunch and chatted. Then for the highlight of my trip, F read the dregs of my coffee cup. She had done a reading the first time I met her a year ago and I thought it was probably time for a revisit. Interesting stuff, not very illuminating this time round though. F thinks that now she knows me, she's tainted by personal knowledge and cannot distinguish between what she sees in the cup and what she actually knows...

Tonight I finally got my TV, after almost 6 months of doing without. A flat screen 20 inch for the shoebox. The sounds are comforting in the background even if I'm not really paying attention to what's on. Hooray for the idiot box!

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