Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The End Is Near

Done. Done. Done.

My first and last test in this entire course has been completed. In 30 minutes.

Anti-climax? Sort of. Relief? Definitely.

So now with the last biggie out of the way, I am on my way to finally being able to put this all behind me. Been there, done that. Self-actualised. Now let me get on with my life. My old life? Mmm... hopefully not. I don't want my same old life back. But I do want some of the old life back, when I could do nothing in the evenings if I wanted to. When I didn't have to spend 6 hours on the internet researching French philosophy, biennales and contemporary artists - and then finding that I actually haven't progressed very far at the end of that 6 hours. When I could spend my weekends doing things I liked for leisure without any guilt that I could have been doing research or writing that essay.

I would like to get more free time back, is what I am trying to say I guess. And I do hope that is what happens when I get back to full-time employment end of next week because I am starting to feel sucked back right into the hectic, crazy "we want everything yesterday" mode at work already. And I am not even full-time yet. Yikes!

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