Saturday, May 19, 2007

Feeding The Body, Feeding The Soul

Another Saturday night, alone in the shoebox. Almost the whole day was spent in front of the laptop finishing up my research paper. I think I am done, just need to go through it again and edit it some more to make it more succinct, but am not in an editing mood.

Took an hour off in the afternoon and collected the hand-held vacuum from C, and then went for a walk around the Paddington shops. I'm sure sitting in the same position in front of the laptop is going to cause DVT some day. And my eyesight has deteriorated with all the computer work as well - that much I'm pretty sure of. Must protect my lasiked eyes, must protect my lasiked eyes...

Decided to indulge in some baking therapy when I got home. Poppy seed cupcakes this time. However, because it took such a short time to get it done, the baking wasn't much of a therapy session. I think I will need to start making bread or something harder and more challenging. And more distracting.

Fresh from the oven, I soothe my tired body with a poppy seed cupcake. Mmm, warm and yummy, the cupcake had the right amount of "chew" to it. I just love the silicone moulds, they are the right size, not huge like muffins nor tiny, baby one-bite-and-all-gone either.

Feeding the body is easy. Feeding the weary soul is a wee bit harder.

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