Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bills At Surry Hills

I had a vision when I was living in Surry Hills. I wanted to try as many cafes in Surry Hills, as my wallet and time would allow. I kinda lost that vision after a while. I think I didn't venture further than Fifi Foveaux.
Well, today there was a rekindling of that vision. We went to Bills for brunch (the scarlet petals littering the pavement on my way there, made a pretty picture of Autumn I just had to stop in my tracks and take a photo). After reading reviews and foodblogs about the corn fritters and scrambled eggs (although not one of my fave food, in fact I would go to great lengths to AVOID scrambled eggs), we decided to have a reunion at Bills. Haven't seen L and Y for least half a year, so it was good that we all reunited at a cool brekkie cafe and got to taste what Bills is famous for.

We decided to share so that we can all try everything. We got the corn fritters with baby spinach and bacon; scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sourdough toast; ricotta hotcakes with bananas and syrup; and coconut bread. I especially like the corn fritters and the coconut bread (not pictured). My nose might have been stuffed up cos I couldn't taste the egginess of the scrambled eggs (which was a plus) - or perhaps to be more positive, the eggs were so well-cooked, creamy and smooth that the eggy taste was not obvious.

We lingered over brunch for almost 2 hours after a 15 minute wait for a table. It was a really pleasant morning hanging out with friends. But oh how we struggled to finish everything even though the food was good. Y being the only guy, was automatically awarded the honours of vacuuming up the leftovers which he performed admirably. I am still feeling full as I blog this entry.

On the way back, I stopped in at the Bourke Street Bakery and bought a loaf of sourdough bread. They make the best sourdough bread and it's been a while since I had it. And am finally making the first pot of COC (Chicken, Onion and Carrot) soup this Autumn. Comforting smells are wafting through the shoebox now... oh happy day.

PS: The one drumstick I threw into the pot wasn't enough to flavour the soup, so I made meatballs with the rest of the minced pork and it was excellent.

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