Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Less And More

In another 3 weeks, life as I know it now should change. There will be no more:-
a. sitting at the laptop for hours doing endless research;
b. trying to digest Foucault, Edward Said and other equally difficult to comprehend readings on
French philosophy, Orientalism and other stuff that "normal" people don't (or choose not to) read;
c. desperately trying to break out of a writer's block and trying to complete three essays one after another;
d. attempting to stay awake in the airless classroom and take notes on Eurocentric Vision lectures (as I do find the topcs interesting).

There should be more:-
a. mindless TV watching on weeknights;
b. aimless wandering around parks, art galleries and markets on weekends;
c. trying to find new activities to fill up my new-found spare time;
d. making new friends;
e. trips to explore more of Australia.

Changes. The only thing that is certain in my life.

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