Saturday, May 12, 2007

Foodie Musings

I made chicken-rice rice tonight as I had a craving. But there was no chicken to go with it, I made beef with green capsicum in a honey mustard gravy. Pretty tasty if I may say so myself. Then as I emailed foodie tips to a friend who has recently moved into my old neighbourhood back in Singapore, I started drooling, cannot wait for my trip back in early June, in less than a month's time.

Mmmmm...... I especially want some pot sticklers and xiao long bao (and God knows how many xiao long baos I ate on my last trip home). The ones I had here in Shanghai town a couple of months back, left a bad taste (literally) in my mouth. The pork was just too "porky" if you know what I mean. Not good at all. The latest explanation a friend has come up with as to what causes this "porkiness" is that it is an affliction of male pigs. Sows apparently do not have this problem. I am not entirely convinced by this - hormones? And since Asian butchers here sell pork without this "porky" smell whereas supermarket and other Western butchers' offerings are invariably "porky", does it mean that Asian butchers sell sows but Western butchers sell boars? How can that be - a division along gender lines?

Ok enough about pigs. Tomorrow, we are having brunch at "Bills", famous for its wonderful brekkie. Watch this space.



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