Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Full Saturday

I took advantage of the last burst of sunny days before the cold front hits Sydney to cram in loads today. It was a day for tank top, bermudas and slapping on the sunblock, pretty good for May, for a person susceptible to the Seasonally Affected Disorder, the simple outfit was EMPOWERING.

It was finally the first Saturday of the month that I was finally free to make it to the Surry Hills market. This is one of my favourite weekend markets, it appears that the theme for the day was vintage clothings. I wasn't very interested in that but I was sorely tempted by a couple of lamps with ceramic bases. The problem was I liked the base, I liked the shade, but I didn't like them combined. So I had to give them a miss, although I might reconsider the lime green one the next month if it's still available. I also considered a pair of nesting coffee tables, pretty much 70s retro style with those spindley legs. I see them in Vinne's and they were a steal at $10 for the pair. But I resist cos I am still in the shoebox and haven't gotten a new place yet. It's probably best to have the place and then to work with it rather than the other way round. I was also tempted by a couple of cases, like suitcases, but smaller versions, a little like those book bags/suitcases that some of the kids used to carry to school but I wanted the little one which would be the size of a handbag really. And yet I exercised my supreme self-control. I wonder what had gotten into me??

Empty-handed and without parting with a single cent, I trotted off to the national art gallery again and on the way there, stopped in at St. Mary's Cathedral once more, to sit in the serenity and peace and alone in a pew in the middle of the church, have some quiet moments with myself and the Big Man. I debated if to light a candle but decided I wasn't ready for that yet plus I wasn't sure if you can light ONE candle and pray for a whole bunch of things and people or if you had to light ONE for every person. Obviously not familiar with the Catholic protocol, must find out first.

After doing a round of the new exhibition at the gallery, I collect my free weekend papers from the front and boy, do they weigh a ton. I trudge slowly along the pavement, debating if I should head towards the wonderful prawn noodle cafe since I was (kinda) in the vicinity. I decide I should indeed and indulge myself in a yummy bowl of prawn noodle soup and also a bowl of bo bo cha cha for dessert despite being too full to finish up my noodles. Mmmm... I was enjoying lunch so much I forgot to take pictures.

A day out also means a stop at a bookshop (or 2 or 3). I spent an hour ensconced in a comfy armchair reading some fluff. Then I made a move (before the sun sets) and ended up at Hyde Park where I plonked myself on the grass and read my own book. Lying on my back on the grass, I had a different perspective of my environment, very useful for developing a sense of self-awareness and seeing things from a perspective different from one's usual point of view.

With the sunlight fading, I pull on my cardigan and decide that I cannot possibly make the 30-minute trek home with the heavy bag of newspapers (despite the fact I had shed the Recruitment and Sports sections much earlier already). So it was the bus to the rescue, and when I got off at my stop, I got distracted by the bookshop at my street and went inside for another round of reading. This time, got interested in fluff that was actually pretty useful - "Straight Talk From Gay Guys, or What Your Girlfriends Can't Tell You". After internalising some pretty useful lessons from our "sisters", I decided it was really, really time to go home. And put my feet up. But the minute I got inside the shoebox, my phone rings. It was C asking if I had dinner plans. Um no, I had planned to zap a couple of hotdogs and eat them with mushy peas. So we make plans to meet in an hour and a half and I had a temporary respite from my busy Saturday, which wasn't over yet obviously.

We had the fabulous $8 steak at our favourite pub bistro and the sticky date pudding with ice-cream. Scrumptious and sinful but I don't care. I can't have come all this way and not have the pudding. It's unforgiveable. Plus a gin & tonic for this teetotaler cos C convinced me that the drinks (being so cheap) are super diluted. She was right, I didn't really have any of my usual allergic reactions except for my ears heating up a little. Then we took a nice walk, the night was actually warm even though it was 19C, checked up the local pubs around Crown St but they were either too crowded or the vibe wasn't right. So we didn't have a second drink in the end.

And finally at 11 pm, I got home and put my feet up...



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