Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Noise Of Darkness & Light

Adrian Paci, Noise of Light, 2005,
installation, chandelier with 10 generators, dimensions variable

It is always easier to deal with your own problems, when you look at the problems that others are facing. Unlike Ally McBeal, who when asked what made her problems bigger than other people's, answered, "Because they are mine.", I believe that one's problems become smaller not bigger, when you compare them to other people's problems.

I am finishing my Master's program next week, and didn't get my enrolment terminated. I am not in a state of flux as to where or if I am allowed to continue my education, which I came so far for.

I have a place to live in, shoebox-like as it may be. My flat-mate didn't abandon ship to suddenly get married, leaving me with a rent for two, to deal with.

I am no longer depressed or inordinately stressed (although I wish my skin would clear up after the last extended period of stress). I don't have to juggle so many balls in the air, while walking the tightrope without a safety net below me.

I have a decent job I enjoy (most days), nice people (most of them) I work with. I am not required to get myself re-qualified to do my professional job, I don't have to worry about trying to make some pocket money to cover my expenses.

My problems are practically negligible. For my friend facing much bigger problems with uni, work and living arrangements, I hope the double rainbow appears soon, eight months of rain should be all rained out by now?

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