Sunday, June 03, 2007

Treasures - Part 2

As my mission was partially accomplished yesterday at the Surry Hills market, and my urge for markets was fuelled by all the tempting offerings there, I decided I had to go to the Bondi Beach market today. Having never been there, even though it's just a 15 minute bus ride away, I thought it was about time I explored what it had to offer.

And another beautiful, sunshiney day today. Even though the sign at Bondi Beach claims the air temperature is 19C, it felt a whole lot warmer. However with the water temperature at 17C, I guess only the very bravest surfers are still going in. But if this is what the rest of Winter is going to be like, I am going to like it. A lot. So very different from what I remembered of last year.

Bondi Beach market has a slightly different vibe from the Surry Hills market which is more village-like, sprawled in a little neighbourhood patch of park. Bondi Beach market is housed in a primary school, offering more clothes, bags and other accessories, with more emphasis on new stuff and less emphasis on retro household items and furniture. I spent a nice hour or more in the market, with a pitstop at the fund-raising sausage sizzle. I was served by two little girls (probably about 8 years old), the one who made my coffee asked me at every step of the process how I want my coffee (enough coffee powder? enough milk? 2 sugars?). It was very cute even if the coffee didn't turn out very good - and who could I blame since I was the one who gave the kid directions?

I found the item that I was looking for. Well, I didn't really know I was looking for it until I found it. It was perfect for whom I have in mind. Sometimes, life is like that, isn't it? You don't know what you were searching for till you find it and then, it clicks. THIS is what you were looking for. It creeps up on you, or maybe it just suddenly jumps up in your face, waves its arms and whistles at you.

Life is interesting like that.

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