Saturday, June 02, 2007


Second day of Winter. But what a gorgeous morning. I had to quickly discard my hoodie and after a while, my cotton cardigan as well, leaving only my short-sleeved top. It was unheard of in my winter experience. It was lovely weather to browse around the various stalls at the Surry Hills market, as with every time I go, temptations were everywhere.

I nearly parted with a mere $45 for a 1950s low coffee table in an organic kidney shape, with spindley legs on castor wheels. I figured as the stall-holder was so reluctant to sell it, if I really wanted it, it should still be there next month. Then again, that lime-green lamp I was hoping to purchase this time round was no longer available, however there were other wonderful lamps that were on offer. But I resisted. I bought a cotton wrap dress, some beaded jewellery but did not find what I was looking for - a tiered cake stand. That was my mission. Unfortunately, mission failed, I have to report back to HQ to put our high tea plans on hold a bit longer. I spied a one-tier cake stand at Salvos later on, but it was badly chipped. So no go either.

I stopped for a quick lunch at my favourite Bourke Street Bakery. This time, I tried a lamb harrissa (a type of spice blend) almond sausage roll and had it with a latte, sitting on a stool on the pavement, with the rest of the crowd lingering outside the tiny shop. The lamb sausage roll had the most unusual taste - the pastry was crusted lightly with poppy seeds and the sausage meat had a tinge of occasional sweetness, with almond flakes embedded with the meat. A closer scrutiny yielded up little blueberries which was giving off the sweetness. Ohhh it was good. Just that with a latte made a simple but filling lunch. With the sun lapping my face, I finished off the last of my coffee and ambled off into the sunshine.

On my walk home, I couldn't help but stop in at the gelato shop. I was goggle-eyed at the variety. Should I be my usual stick-in-the-mud self when it came to these things and get a rum and raisin as always? Or should I be adventurous and go for something different? I decided to live life on the edge today and got a fig and rhubarb gelato. Very good.

With dessert in hand, I finally was on my way home. But again, I got distracted 5 metres from my block. An elderly man was sitting in an easy chair outside his garage with paintings lined up against the wall. I really like one of them, it was made of fabric filled with a filling to create a puffed-up look of the images sewn and mounted on the board. It was a very retro-looking piece of work, 1985 the man said, from a girl who used to work for him. Unfortunately it is quite large and will take up my entire wall in the shoebox. I should have asked him for the price, I guess I can still go back as it is 3 minutes away from where I live. But I bought a bowl from him for $5 (salad bowl size). There was a potter's mark behind which needs investigating, maybe this is my moment, a treasure for a mere $5. I need to go check out the various reference books at the gallery and do some Nancy Drew sleuthing soon. I just love the markets.

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