Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Leap, And The Net Will Appear

Today I question the concept of love. And why people make the choices they do in the face of blazing, unanimous, how-can-you-not-see-it objections from all and sundry. It is easy to fall back on the old saying that love is just between the 2 of them/us and nothing else matters. But is it? With the wisdom of age and experience, my sobering conclusion is that it is not just between the 2 of them/us. Other things DO matter. And that is why there is an interactive audience, participating in life's decisions from the sidelines, whether you want them there or not (mostly not).

As they say, there is no smoke without fire. Why is everyone holding up big placards saying "Don't do it!"? Are they green with envy and not wishing to see true love consummated? Or are they old cynics who have long given up on love? More likely, they are objective by-standers, with all the care and concern in their hearts and not wishing to see their friends and loved ones, hurt by the very glaring mistake waiting to inevitably happen.

However, with all the good intentions these by-standers may have, they will almost certainly not be appreciated. In fact, sometimes it is this knowledge of certain rejection that makes one hold one's tongue or at least moderate your original opinion to a watered-down version (that will still be rejected). After all, love is blind. And the lessons of love, very often have to be learnt and not taught. So as we let the big placards fall limply to the ground, as we drag our feet home in silent defeat and resignation, we hope that we were wrong, that they were right, that things turn out well, that things have changed. That perhaps, just perhaps - "leap, and the net will appear"...

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Blogger joshua said...

I must say, because it's true!, that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!



8:09 pm  
Blogger sunshine said...

Can't live other's lives for them. So shouldn't be upset about your advice not being taken. Afterall, would you live your life based on others' advice?

10:36 pm  

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