Friday, August 29, 2008


On X's last night in Sydney, before he returns to Auckland for good, we went to an old favourite, Komachi, a Japanese restaurant that we normally turn to when at a loss of where to go. It's always a safe choice - comfortable and tasty with reasonable prices.

I love the scarlet, angular, lacquer teapot they use in the restaurant. The design is so clean and beautiful. And I think that every single time I go there and order tea. A great design stands the test of time, and people do not tire of it. This is a prime example.

As we were all not overly hungry that night, we opted to share some tuna and salmon sushi, a seafood okonomiyaki, bbq octopus, some sashimi, mixed tempura and some miso soup. The miso soup was extra tasty and the sashimi was fresh but the portion was small.

We said our sayonara to X, but we will be seeing him in a week's time when we head off to Auckland for a short holiday.

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