Saturday, September 13, 2008

Support The Freeland Gallery

The "Support the Freeland Gallery" effort involved contributors putting $10 weekly till Christmas (total 26 weeks at the time of its inception) to help keep this unique ceramics gallery going. It is a one of its kind gallery and is a (hard) work of passion by John to keep it going, more as a venue for the education and enjoyment of Australian pottery than a commercial gig. As my ties to this wonderful place went back to 2006 when I did my internship with John and developed a friendship and bond with the place and the wonderful people who ran the place, John and Masako (at that time), and I have great memories of my association with the gallery, I wanted to be a part of this special support effort. How often do people feel so strongly as to contribute to a commercial entity (since it is not officially a non-for-profit organisation) to keep it open? Obviously, this place is pretty special for so many people to want to be part of this effort.

I handed over my pledge today and in return, received a totally unexpected gift. Anna Choi, an Australian potter of Chinese origin, whose works I greatly enjoy, had contributed small bowls with interesting glaze and colours which were a result of the clay used, for John to give to the supporters as a token of thanks.

With difficulty, I chose my bowl after inspecting the variety available. Every bowl was beautiful in its own unique way. I am grateful that I've had the chance to work with John and Anna, and all the other talented potters, and enjoyed the ambience and zen tranquility of the Freeland gallery in the period I worked there and also on every subsequent visit. Holding my bowl in the palm of my hand, I hope that the efforts to keep the gallery going, will be enough. It would be a great loss to the art scene if the gallery goes.

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